With increased demands being placed on industrial concrete floor slabs, E-Tec Consultants, in conjunction with BOSFA Pty Ltd, utilised the Jointless design approach offered by BOSFA using Dramix Steel Fibres on the new Viridian Glass Process and Distribution Centre in Jandakot WA.

Once the design was settled on, P.S. Structures contracted Sarich and Sons Pty Ltd to place the slab. With no mesh or pump to contend with Sarich and Sons Pty Ltd utilised a laser screed for placement and were able to place and finish approximately 100 cubic metres of concrete on each pour.

The finished product was excellent and met all design and client criteria with a burnished finish.

We would have no hesitation to recommend Sarich and Sons Pty Ltd to construct joistless fibre slabs.

Yours faithfully,

John Velios :: OMIE Aust